Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Racing!

Today has been a great day!  I signed up to do the Halloween Monster 5K on Sunday and I got out for a great 6.6 mile run tonight before the rain started.  I can't wait for a great Halloween race with costumes galore.  My plan is to race in my bumblebee costume.  I need to buy a base layer for my top.  I think the tank that I might wear under it at the Princess half would be a little cold.  We are looking at highs around the upper 40s to the low 50s at race time.  I am going to try and be the fastest bumblebee I can bee!

They are calling for our first winter storm in the next two days.  We might even get some wet snow.  It will be much worse further north in Vermont and New Hampshire.  It felt great running tonight in the lower 50s.  I was thinking that finally I don't feel like I need an ice bath when I get home.  I was 30 seconds slower per mile tonight in comparison to last week and I felt so much more relaxed.  It felt great!  I wasn't checking it every mile, it just took me an extra 3 minutes.  I love it when it just feels good running!

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