Friday, December 23, 2016


I'm known to enjoy a good Twitter chat/party, especially when the topic includes running and Disney! So when Cigna held their most recent Cigna Run Together Chat I quite enjoyed participating. What follows is a recap of some of the Q&A as well as General comments. It is full of great advice leading into runDisney Marathon week! 

Cigna: "Welcome to the #CignaRunTogetherChat! We’re talking final @runDisney race preparation in just few minutes w/ @JeffGalloway!"

LoveDisneyRun: "Waving at @JeffGalloway before we officially begin! #cignaruntogetherchat #rundisney"

Cigna: "Do we have any veteran runners today? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "My #rundisney racing started in 2009, but I began racing in 2000. I'm more of a #RunningTourist than a veteran racer. #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Let’s get started! You are what you eat on race day. How should you fuel your body the day of the #WDWMarathon race? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The morning of the #WDWMarathon I'll eat two small breakfasts. Something as I'm getting dressed and then on the way! #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "Breakfast should be minimal and easy to digest.During the race,I reccomend 30-40calories of a sugar product every 2 mi.#CignaRunTogetherChat"

JeffGalloway: "During the race, use blood sugar snacks that have worked for you on long runs! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "Is #runDisney #WDWMarathon your 1st race? has more tips! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The #WDWMarathon would be quite a grand way to kick off your racing career! Anyone doing so should read the tips! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Get ready the night before by laying out your outfit and packing a change of clothes. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Don't forget to attach your race number to your race outfit! Your race will go ever so much more smoothly w/ your bib! #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "If the temp. is above 60f, wear a visor - not a hat. Below 60f, hats are ok! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Good advice! Any early weather predictions @JeffGalloway? The #DopeyChallenge inaugural year was so amazing! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Florida weather can be ever-changing. Wear layers that are easy to shed. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "If you are shedding layers on the course shed wisely! Drop them near a mile marker or photo spot for easy cleanup. #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Q3: Sleep can make all the difference. Are you getting enough to cross the #runDisney #WDWMarathon finish line? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A3 I set a time to be in my later than 7 pm. It makes winding down for an early bedtime easier. #cignaruntogetherchat #rundisney"

Cigna: "Volunteers are a vital part of the race, so don’t forget to thank them as they cheer you on! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Race day is longer for the volunteers than for the runners! They are reporting for service as runners are waking up! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "@AchillesIntl athletes & guides will be wearing yellow. Cheer them on when you see them! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "We’d love to see your photo, but save sharing until after the race or step aside so you don’t get hurt! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "I'm a big fan of posting photos while you wait to see the next character on the course! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Q5: Sometimes we all “hit the wall.” How do you overcome it? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "If you "hit the wall" play mental games! Which wall did you hit? Cinderella's or Sleeping Beauties... And so forth! #cignaruntogetherchat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A5 let your mind play in the world of Disney! Run through the plot of a movie! Name the rides in a park! #rundream #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "Whatever you save in resources by going out slowly in the beginning will allow you to feel strong at the end!  #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Cross that finish line happy and ready to celebrate! #CignaRunTogetherChat @JeffGalloway"

JeffGalloway: "Restrain your enthusiasm! Excitement can make you want to go too fast early on, leaving you wiped. Try to relax! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The story of my @ChiMarathon! The crowd support was outstanding the entire race, but all that enthusiasm drove my pace too fast too early!"

Cigna: "Q6: Trying to beat your personal record (PR) at the #runDisney #WDWMarathon? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A6 I PR in categories like most photos taken! #runfun #runDisney #WDWMarathon #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "Q7: Congrats, you did it! But hold on, you’re not quite done. How should you recover from the #runDisney #WDWMarathon? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A7 hydrate, fuel, and get your legs up! You'll find me against a tent tie down on my back w/ my legs up...snacking! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

NextLevelAtFit: "A massage is a good way to reward yourself and at the same time you're relaxing and repairing your muscles.

LoveDisneyRun: "That's why I carry two $10s during the race! Post race massages make a body feel better! #CignaRunTogetherChat @NextLevelAtFit #runDisney"

JeffGalloway: "Eat a carb-heavy meal within 30 minutes so your body can refuel. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

NextLevelAtFit: "Don't sit after the race, keep your blood flowing. Keep walking around for at least 10 minutes.

LoveDisneyRun: "Thanks @cigna, @NextLevelAtFit, and @JeffGalloway for a fun #CignaRunTogetherChat! See you real soon! #WDWMarathon #runDisney"

See you real soon at runDisney!

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