Friday, December 30, 2016


Sometimes when you go to check out one thing you discover another! Such was the case yesterday when we went to explore the University of Richmond even though it was closed. It was a beautiful day for a stroll around campus.

After our stroll we let the kid pick a lunch spot close to campus. It was a good choice. Next up was a coffee place before we headed out of town. For that we headed over to the Carytown neighborhood to find a coffee and tea place that stood out because it was not paired with doughnuts or ice cream. Rostov's Coffee and Tea on W Main St filled the entire block with the most amazing aroma! But that was not the first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the car! 

Across the street from Rostov's is an incredible mural by Jerk Face. Of course it caught my's Mickey! It is part of the Richmond Mural Project. After we returned home I checked out his Instagram account. What an amazing artist! 

The artist at work (from his Instagram account).

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