Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why do you run...runDisney?

Here is the answer I submitted today!  Why do you run?

I run for fun! I love being out among other amateur athletes have fun running and if there are costumes involved all the better! I have met some pretty amazing folks online through running e-communities and spending time with them at destination races is a fantastic experience.  

I do all of my training solo and run by myself on race day as well, but I am constantly running into folks I know along the course.  Sometimes it is just a "hi", maybe a photo, but other times we run a mile or two together until I inevitably stop to take a picture.  

With Karla Bruning during WDW Marathon '13

I really enjoy documenting the races I run.  I take pictures of the scenery, other runners along the course, and I stop for all the character photos when I am lucky enough to be at a runDisney event!  During my last race I heard a lady commenting on the crazy folks who stop for pictures just as I pulled off to take a shot of runners circling the top concourse of Gillette Stadium.  I love the picture and the special way I got to experience the place!


  1. I don't stop for fear that I might not be able to start again, but I do enjoy running. :-)

    Like you, I run alone when I train, as well as in the races; and even though I don't stop (or even walk) anywhere but through water stations or to replenish water on a long training run, I always enjoy the camaraderie, laughter, quick hellos with other runners during races, as well as taking in the sites and sounds during both races and training runs.

  2. Although I still do not completely LOVE running, I am enjoying it so much more than when I started. I run runDisney because it makes running so much more fun! From fireworks to new friends to course entertainment, it's a weekend filled with fun. I cannot even tell you how much I am looking forward to Wine & Dine and Dopey!!!

  3. I was first a Disney Lover then next a Runner. I started with only Disney races but slowly found myself registering for non Disney races (GASP!)
    You have a great blog with fun content! I found you through the blog hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by on the blog hop. That racing is contagious!