Monday, July 22, 2013

runDisney lovers training e-team rosters on FB

You never run alone with runDisney! There are characters around every corner!
Are you running a runDisney race between now and #PrincessHalf '14? If you let me know which one/s I can add you to the runDisney lovers training e-team roster/s for those weekends. If you are not planning to runDisney during that window I can add you to the Dreaming of runDisney team. 

I post a daily training mileage update with the totals for each race weekend. You can comment with your training miles there and they will be added into the totals for your race e-team/s. Your miles will count toward the totals for each race weekend you are running. 

It does not matter which distance your are doing for a particular race weekend. Everyone's training miles count! You can post your miles daily or weekly it is up to you. Either way is fine! Welcome to the runDisney lovers training e-team!

Come on over to my FB athlete page at "for the love of Disney running" and join us as we train for runDisney fun one run at a time!

Just leave your name and which races you are running on the pinned FB post and I will add you to the roster in the morning.


  1. Not sure how to add myself to the e-team roster on fb, but I did like your page! I am running the Wine and Dine in November :)

    1. Brittany - I will add you to the roster in the morning! This will be my first W&D. I ran Race for the Taste back in 2009. That was the last year for that race, then W&D was born. Have you raced at night before?

  2. Okay, since I can't figure out where to post on FB, here it is. I'll be doing my second Wine and Dine this year and my first WDW Half in January. Now what for the blog challenged? Lol!


    1. Kimberley I am adding you to the roster on FB this morning. Can I have your last name as well? Welcome to the runDisney lovers training e-team!