Monday, July 22, 2013

Disney's Magic of Healthy Living Initiative: TryIt

Food: fuel vs. flavor

As athletes we need fuel. As people we want it to taste good.  At the Disney Social Media Moms Conference I was introduced to Disney's Magic of Healthy Living Initiative and their TryIt campaign.  TryIt rolled out with the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.  You could find well marked offerings at the food stands around Epcot.  Lucky for us we could find TryIt dishes at most of our events.  I of course explored them with my own interests in mind - a mix of flavor and fuel.  

The Saturday nights dinner was hands down my favorite! We were dining al fresco and the food was tasty and fun! My favorite dish of the entire conference was the Avocado and Black Bean Salad! It met all my flavor desires and is pretty amazing as a fuel source.  Part of me just wanted to eat three plates of the stuff and call it dinner!  I don't know if they serve it anywhere on property, but I nominate it as my ideal food for runDisney race weekends and wish event catering would sell tubs of it at the expo!  

My second favorite dish of the conference was the Diced Grouper Escabeche! I would never have guessed this.  It is not something that I would ever have ordered off a menu, yet I really enjoyed it.  I also loved the presentation.  I asked if I could take one of the bamboo serving sets home with me (unused).  I was originally going to take it to work and put it on my desk, instead I am using it to hold earrings on my bedside table.  It is a happy reminder of an amazing experience.

The chefs and servers were amazing throughout the entire conference, but I really enjoyed getting to interact with them at our dinners.

By the third evening, my niece and nephew were really embracing the freedom the event provided.  They were hunters and gatherers seeking out tasty morsels that they could bring back to our table and enjoy!

Disney's TryIt initiative was part of our formal presentation during the conference.  For more information on Disney's TryIt and TryAthlon initiatives check their website Disney's commitment to health living is proudly displayed on their menus using the Mickey check mark.  It is only a guide in a healthier direction, we must make our own decisions based on our own dietary needs, but it demonstrates that they are trying to offer healthier options.  Life is a balancing game and food is a major component.  Sometimes my body really needs a milk shake, particularly if I feel I am running too lean and I have a marathon the next day, but most of the time there are healthier options.

runDisney, if you are reading, please have a TryIt food court at the Wine & Dine Half expo! It is a pairing that is meant to be! And PLEASE serve the Avocado and Black Bean Salad. I know it is pushing the season, but I bet you can do it.  Athletes need fuel that will sustain them and the TryIt offerings were wonderful!  

I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort May 9-12, 2013.  The conference fee permitted me access to special events and experiences made available to conference attendees and their families.  I am voluntarily writing about these events and experiences.  These are my own thoughts, opinions and photographs unless otherwise stated.

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