Monday, March 4, 2013

runDisneyPrincess Half Character Stop - How to Video

I had a great idea for the Princess Half Marathon...I would try and shoot video of a character stop for anyone who wanted to see how simple they are.  Of course the act of shooting the video actually made it more complicated!  The camera guys did not quite grasp what I was doing, but rolled with the punches just the same.  As long as the line kept moving and so did I they were not phased by what I was doing. runDisney runners are crazy!  Why wouldn't one of them shot a video of the photographers taking their picture!

That's right Mr. Disney Staff Photographer in your blue shirt...I am taking a video of you taking a picture of me!  runDisney runners are a crazy and strange bunch, but we have a lot of fun along the road!

So let's see the video already!  Wait...check it out!  There is my camera taking the above picture of me!  Is anyone getting dizzy yet?

What do you think? Does it look easy, crazy, worth it?

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