Monday, March 4, 2013

Princess runners visit Cinderella after the Princess Half Marathon

What would the Princess Half Marathon be without Princesses?  On that note we were off to Magic Kingdom to thank a few Princesses!  Cinderella herself was receiving visitors and we were thrilled to share our day fit for a Princess with her!

Marcia had to see Rapunzel! She was dressed as Rapunzel for the half!

Lena and I were dressed as Aurora for the half!
Jen was out of luck...Snow White was not receiving visitors!

The lovely Cinderella! I ran as Cinderella for my first Princess Half in 2011!

So what does it look like when a bunch of Princesses visit the Princesses?  Well check this out!

The whole room was filled with Princesses of all ages! It was fantastic!  We even met a couple of our other Princess friends waiting to see the Princesses!  (Nicole it was great to see you here there and everywhere.)  It was crazy Princess amazing!  Congratulations to everyone who volunteers, supported runners and raced Princess weekend!  

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