Monday, March 4, 2013

Royal Family 5K - Princess Half Weekend - runDisney 2013

Anyone who knows me and my runDisney habits knows I never just run the big event race weekend...I run all the races!  Princess Half weekend was no exception!  Not only was I running the Princess Half on Sunday, but I was also running the Royal Family 5K Saturday morning!  And since Mickey and Minnie were on the bling I felt right at home wearing my Minnie Mouse outfit (ears, dress and shoes)!

I had a big decision to make with this race...I thought I could probably really run it and do well time wise, but those of you who know me also know that I can not resist a good character photo op!  So I did a little of both and finished about 5 minutes off my PR. Okay...talking with Kellie Nickerson before we started convinced me that no matter how fast I ran there were other ladies in the race who would always out kick me.  She did not need to say it...she is amazingly sweet and could just look at her and the other ladies up at the start and figure that one out!  This was my first time running a runDisney 5K without my daughter.  She was not along on this trip otherwise she would have been out there with me!

After the race I headed back to the resort and took a moment before getting cleaned up to shoot a video recap of the 5K and preview of the half.

 The 5K was a lot of fun, but only 3.1 miles of let's get onto the main race! 13.1 miles of runDisney fun and entertainment!

If you watch runDisneyTv's 5K video you might even recognize me running around EPCOT! Watch for Minnie at 1:30!

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