Monday, July 23, 2012

DisneyRunFest2012 - Part 5 - Tues Morning Run

Tuesday morning we woke up at 6:15 threw on our cloths and headed out to the pool to go...running! It was just Marcia and myself, but we were not alone...we were meeting Bob Hitchcock (runDisney's Public Relations Manager/Content Producer). Bob had already done his morning run with the Orlando Galloway group, but was willing to come out and run another 2 miles around Port Orleans with us. Marcia took most of the photos on our run.

Bob made my day right from the start. As we walked toward each other he smiles and said "We have met before haven't we." All I could think was why yes we have Bob. We met the first time at the Princess social media meetup and Galloway run this February. Our matching shirts were probably also a clue. There were 80 people at the meetup and they ran out of black women's cut runDisney shirts. So I ended up with a men's cut. I had no idea which shirt he would be wearing, but we look like brother and sister in the photo!

Bob and I were chatting away about all things running and runDisney.  He has been with runDisney for 2 years now and really was not a runner before joining the team.  We talked about our upcoming races and past runDisney races.  He really was not spilling any details about future runDisney events.  I let him know that I was going Dopey in January and he confirmed that they are not intending to make Dopey a formal event.  They like that it is an underground runDisney lovers thing.  

Happy Runners!

There were other runners out that morning,
but we mostly had the resort to ourselves!

It was a beautiful morning.

For now the water was in the river.
Later in the afternoon the water would be everywhere!

If we were not headed to rope drop I would have loved to keep running and check out that green path.
Has anyone run on the green path?

There are so many great paths and walkways all over Disney property. I could easily spend a week running here and there and everywhere around the resorts. So when you go to Disney don't leave your running gear behind. You will be a much happier you if you get out in the morning and get a few miles under your belt before you head to the parks.

In attendance:
Erin Williams – for the love of Disney running on FB; @lovedisneyrun on Twitter; and
Marcia Barton - @TravelRunEat on Twitter and
Bob Hitchcock - runDisney's Public Relations Manager/Content Producer

If you want some other running route ideas for your next Disney World vacation check out Lori's runDisney route ideas. Lori is the runDisney specialist on the Disney Mom's Panel.
You should also check in at the main desk at your resort and ask about the resorts running routes.

Have a great vacation and runDisney!


  1. That is so cool! What a wonderful opportunity!

  2. Amy we had such a fantastic time! I was really trilled that runDisney wanted to participate in DisneyRunFest2012! Bob is such a great individual. He is a wonderful match for runDisney. I can't wait to get back down there for marathon weekend! Have fun at Disneyland! I look forward to reading your report and seeing all the happy runners!

  3. Wow, I love that Bob joined you guys for your run! I also met him at one of the runDisney Meet Ups and really enjoyed speaking with him - very jealous of his job!


  4. Bob is a great guy! I loved that he remembered me...but that is part of what makes him good at his job! Thanks for reading and hopefully we will meet at Social Media Moms in L.I.