Friday, July 20, 2012

DisneyRunFest2012 - Meeting at the Contemporary

Monday evenings first two activities were based at the Contemporary Resort.  I have always wanted to eat at the Wave and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  They bill themselves as being locally sourced, in season, and healthy.  That sounds like a great meal plan for runners.  Our reservation was at 5 pm so that we could meet, have a simple bite to eat, and then be ready to run at 7 pm.  Although others would be joining us for the run it was just Marcia, Rachel and myself at dinner.  The menu looked amazing but we all went simple with soup and salad.  We had a wonderful meal which ended with an email.  We were still waiting to see if someone from runDisney was going to be able to join us for either our Monday evening run or our Tuesday morning run.  

The entrance to the Wave

Marcia and Rachel

I had the cobb salad...

and the tomato soup with the smallest grilled cheese any of us had  seen.

After dinner we walked around the Contemporary.

And checked out the view!

There's the monorail headed from MK to the Contemporary.

Back to the email: after dinner I got an email from Tony Morreale at runDisney.  He indicated that Bob Hitchcock would probably be joining us for our morning run and that I should give him a call.

Hello Bob... (Thank's for the show of support Mickey!)

We stepped outside the building to find a quiet spot for a phone call and found this inspirational setting.  Bob had just returned from Greece where he had been on business for 10 days.  He would indeed meet us for our morning run, but not until after he had gone out with the morning Galloway run (at 4:30)!  Given the plans we had for the rest of the evening we had already decided to pass on the 4:30 run which left from a middle school in Orlando.  I wish we had video of my happy runner dance after the call was over!

It was time for us to get ready for our evening run.  So away we went to grab our gear and get changed in the restroom at the Contemporary.  Everyone kept asking us if we needed any help.  We were in and out of the lobby so many times that evening.  Everyone was polite though and no one hassled us.  I even did a little pin trading at the main desk.  They keep a pin book behind the counter if you are into pin trading.  I collect food pins.  (I will have to post photos of them sometime.)

Next up is the evening run!

If you want to see the full itinerary check it out at 

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  1. how did you become a part of this DisneyRunFest, or is just something that you and some other RunDisney runners created? it sounds like fun and a great way to support eachother!

  2. DisneyRunFest was a product of wanting to go to Disney just to run. I wanted to run in my favorite place on earth with some other great runDisney lovers. So I put it out there on Twitter and Facebook to see who wanted to join me. @runDisney even retweeted our itinerary in case anyone else wanted to come along. There are so many great places at the resorts and near the parks to run that you don't get to always run during runDisney weekend. So this was a chance to get off the beaten path with a smaller group of great friends. Although we only knew each other through social media we had plenty to talk about! We are definitely going to do it again. There was only 10 days between when I thought about doing it and my flight down. Next time there will be more notice so that others can join more easily! Keep following the blog! I am also on FB at "for the love of Disney running" and Twitter @lovedisneyrun. When it happens again it will definitely be posted! Thanks for reading Stephanie!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a lovely evening! Haven't been to The Wave. May have to try it out next trip.... Hmmm...
    Will you be in Disney in January for Marathon Weekend (I can't remember if I already asked you or!)

  4. I will be at Disney for Marathon weekend. In fact I will be going Dopey! Crazy eh? I am very excited! My plan...take every mile as it comes...stop for all photo ops including making my own...have the time of my life! Are you going to be there?

  5. What a great run - may have to borrow/steal that course when I get back down to Florida. The ladies I am training with would love to run it. Do you have an estimate on the total distance yall went?

  6. Around 4.8 miles. I really wish they would put in a running path all the way around the lagoon! It only seems right that we should be able to run all the way around to our hearts content over and over if that is what we love! Maybe someday!