Sunday, July 22, 2012

DisneyRunFest2012 - Part 4 - Drinks, Desserts & Fireworks

After our evening run at DisneyRunFest2012 we headed over to the Polynesian for Drinks, Desserts and Fireworks.  Our plan was to be there at 9 pm, but we were late.  We arrived sometime around 9:45.  By the time we realized that there would just be the 3 of us it was time to head outside to see the fireworks.  They were amazing looking across the lagoon with the soundtrack to wishes playing on the beach.

After the fireworks were over we headed inside the Polynesian to look for the drinks and desserts.  Unfortunately it was now after 10 pm and most things were already closed.  We ended up at the quick service getting "runner recovery food" for me a Mickey ice cream bar, for Marcia chocolate milk and ? I don't remember now, and for Jen a pizza (she is still in college so it seemed a perfect choice)!

The upstairs lounge was very pleasant at that hour.  We were the only ones enjoying the space!  If you try this post race outing make sure you get to the desserts and drinks before the other options close.

A Mickey bar is always my favorite hands down!
I am sure there are some other great desserts at the Poly!

We could not resist a photo with this guy!

Gives you an idea of how far the fireworks are away from the Poly.
Folks were very relaxed at the Polynesian.  I would highly recommend celebrating a great run with an after party there!  Just make sure you have your timing right if you want something more than quick service.

In attendance:
Erin Williams – for the love of Disney running on FB; @lovedisneyrun on Twitter; and 
Marcia Barton - @TravelRunEat on Twitter and
Jen Kelly - Facebook 

Next up is our morning run with Bob Hitchcock!


  1. gah! Love those mickey ice creams. I always get one on a disney trip. not the fanciest dessert on property but definitely one of the tastiest!

  2. I was only there for two days and yet I managed to have one both days! They are so worth it! runDisney runner recovery food all the way!