Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working on my taper

So my first full marathon is in one week!  (Cox Providence Rhode Races Marathon her we come)   Which of course means this is the first time I have tapered for a full. I started cutting my mile back last week.  Today I headed out for a fabulous run on a glorious day!  I am really into running whatever distance I want when I want.  I was feeling great out there and would have loved to have gone longer, but the point is to keep some energy in the tank right.  

Is this the lavender fields of France?
No it is 3 inches tall along the side of the bike path in Rhode Island.
Purple is the color of the run!
The next door neighbors are even showing their spring purple!  Look at that sky - gorgeous!

So tomorrow I have to work.  :(  No running.  I will probably do 5 on Monday and again on Wednesday.  We will see what the weather and schedule bring!  This is a colorful season in which to be running so get out there and go running (and take some pictures of the places you love running).

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