Thursday, April 12, 2012

Longest Run Ever - 21.25 marathon training

I headed out today to get my long run in for the week.  I am training for the Cox Providence Rhode Race marathon on May 6th.  I am not using a specific training plan.  I am going with the advice that if you can run 20 you can run a full and your wall is the farthest distance you have run in the past 2 weeks.

I am focusing on my mental game approaching the distance as five 5 mile sets.  I am also expanding my brain around the notion that I can run for miles and miles and miles!  You know just relax and do it.

I don't run with all of the electronic gear that others have.  I just use a Times Ironman Triathlon watch and a step counter when I feel like it.  So when I set out for distance I figure an average of 10 minutes a mile and worry about the exact distance after the run, unless I must know ahead of time and map it pre-run.  I find that I actually go farther when I go with the 10 minute mile approach.  So today I ran out 1:36 and then back for a total of  3:28.  In the end I went 21.25 miles and averaged 9:45 minutes per mile.

In addition to working on my metal game today I also got to work on running in crappy weather.  The way out was beautiful and I could not imagine why people were walking with umbrellas.  It all became clear when I turned around.  The sky was very dark and within 10 minutes I was being pelted with cold wind, hail & rain.  I thought about waiting it out somewhere, but thought they don't stop the clock in a marathon when the weather turns.  It was horrible for 15-20 minutes and then cleared only to resume again with a soaking rain that saturated my shoes and socks.  I survived the weather and the miles with just enough time to shower and head back out for ballet and soccer with the girls.  I did not even have time to check my distance. :(

Never having run a full marathon before, I won't know if this is the best approach or me or not until I test it on race day.  For now it is what I have got and we will see soon enough how it works out.  I am not concerned with my final time on race day.  For my first full I just want to finish it and then we will see what comes next in terms of adjusting my training plan (such as it is) to improve.

I run for fun and to be outside on my own.  So in the end it is all good!  I am open to suggestions though if you have any advice you would like to share with a first time marathoner.  I will let you know how it all goes on May 6th!

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