Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Testing running gear : Nuu-Muu & Jockey

Tonight I headed out for a short run on a beautiful day in the lower 60s.  I picked up a Nuu-Muu running dress at the WDW Princess Half Marathon expo and I wanted to try it out.  I am considering wearing it for my first full marathon at the Cox Providence Rhode Race and I wanted to see how it preformed.  I had my concerns not 1 block from the house.  It has a double pouch in the back and I loaded it up with my phone, house key & pack of Clif Shot Blocks.  They seemed to be moving too much right out of the door.  I thought about grabbing my belt, but said give it a real try.  At which point the stuff settled in the pouch and I forgot about it.

I was also testing a new pair of slipshorts from Jockey.  I picked them up for under dresses, but immediately thought they might work well under running dresses and running skirts as well.  I think I might go back for another pair, one size smaller, and in black.  With the 25% off coupon on the catalog they are only $15 not a bad deal.  I felt rather liberated in the running dress with the slipshorts underneath.  There was nothing tight or binding on me anywhere!  I am going to try the combo on a longer run this weekend if the weather permits.  It needs to be in the 60s or I would be too cold.

Post-run smile!

Check out those Skimmies Slipshorts!

Self Portrait!

Jockey catalog
I will let you know how they do on the longer run.

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