Monday, May 6, 2013

Kona Kase - Snacks for athletes

My Kona Kase was mailed to me for free so that I could enjoy the products offered and share my thoughts with others.  What follows are my own opinions.

When I was in college I remember my parents paying the campus convenience store to deliver boxes of snacks to my dorm room.  I was an athlete scholar then and I am very much still an athlete scholar...without the exams and papers.  So the arrival of companies on the market that are offering to ship similar boxes of snacks to your house, or your friends house if you desire, is of note to me.  Their booths started popping up at race expos and I noticed.

Kona Kase offered to ship me a trial case so that I could check them and their offering out.  Let me just say I like orange.  So point straight off for packaging color choice.

I did not know how many items would be in the case, but their advertising clearly states 8 products.  The shipping weight on the box label says 1 lb (including the box).

At first glance I only recognized 2 products.  I know Kind bars and I have seen Justin's peanut butter packets...I think.  The other 6 items are totally new to me.  Wait a minute...the other 8 are new to me.  That's right there are 10 things in this box.

Kind Plus - Almond Walnut Macadamia - 1.4 oz.
Justin's Honey Peanut Butter Blend - .5 oz.
Journey Bar - Sea Salt - .7 oz.
Sun Cups - Caramel Cups - 1.5 oz
SoyJoy - Cranberry - 1.05 oz.
Barbara Llewellyn - Brown Sugar and Rosemary Cashews - 1 bag
Richland Orchards - Greek Yogurt Bar - Toasted Coconut - 1.41 oz.
Trachealth - Chia and Coconut - Dietary Supplement - .55 oz
Zing Bar - Chocolate Coconut - .78 oz
Zing Bar - Cashew Cranberry Orange - .78 oz

So what do I think of these items:

...a little disclaimer...I do not like coconut...I love chocolate and peanut butter.

The percentages are all my gut reactions.  I guess they represent how likely I would be to buy the item on my own.  I rarely stray away from my known brands, but will try new things when they are offered to me.

Kind Plus bar - Love it - I want a case - 100%
Justin's honey peanut butter - Love it - would be amazing anytime, but especially race day - 100%
Journey Bar - not sold - 30%
Sun Cups - decent - 75%
SoyJoy - totally outside my element - good flavor - 50%
Barbara Llewellyn cashews - Rosemary! - 50%
Richland Orchards bar - very fragrant - sweet and tasty, but coconut... - 75%
Trachealth seeds - trying these in a bit - ?
Zing bar chocolate coconut - better than I expected - I might just eat it to get the chocolate and isn't coconut good for you? - 60%
Zing bar cashew/cranberry/orange - totally not me - full of flavor though - 40%

I did just sit here and open all of the packages and take a bite of each.  Not exactly what you would do in real life, but it allowed me to give comparative feed back.

I like the idea of getting a box sent to me and the chance to try new things.  I might try costing out 1 lb of athlete snack bars at the store.  The box cost $15 each month with occasional code offers and multi-month discounts.  Definitely start with a discount code like the one listed below and see what you think.  Then you can buy in if you like the product.  For me, it is like getting good expo swag sent to your door as often as once a month.

What they say about themselves:

"Join. Receive. Perform. Fuel your active lifestyle with a Kona Kase delivered to your door! Try a hand-picked selection of eight premium nutrition products from around the country every month for just $15 per month. Multi-month discounts are available and you can cancel anytime. All Kases ship for FREE!

Sign up for Kona Kase yourself and discover the best in healthy performance foods, or give as a gift to the athlete in your life."

Their special offer to you:

"We would love to extend a first purchase promotional code for your readers so they can get their first month for $10!  Simply ... use code: FF2 at checkout!"

Let me know if you have tried or intend to try a Kona Kase.  I am interested to hear what you think! I would also like to know how much the boxes vary month to month.


  1. Looks yummy! It's like a much healthier version of the snack packs you buy on airplanes these days. I love kind bars~

    1. Great idea Karla! Frequent travelers would benefit from a grab and go snack assortment. I circled back and finished the Kind bar and the peanut butter. There is a reason I know these brands...they are my "Kind" of snacks!

  2. I completely intended on ordering a KonaKase last month and forgot! I had ordered my first StrideBox but missed the April deadline while KonaKase ships later in the month. BUT where StrideBox was more convenient, I was able to pay via Paypal. I am ordering my May KonaKase right now, from my laptop, thanks for the discount code. :)

    PS: I LOVE how you just opened everything up and tried it all!

  3. Some of them sound more delicious than others.
    It would be fun to try the wide variety of stuff though!