Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Social Media Moms - We arrive in Orlando

The Disney Social Media Moms event was two months in the waiting.  I was totally surprised and thrilled when the invitation arrived in my email and the wait leading up to the day of the trip was only made easier by all of the Tweets that @DisneySMMoms was putting out on an almost daily basis.  Over those months the attendees had a chance to not only learn about the upcoming trip, but also to get to know their fellow attendees.  There were also a couple of gifts along the way.

Here my Three Caballeros are riding in style in my new American Tourister 4 wheel bag.  When it arrived I thought...I already have a carry-on that I love, but I will take this one with me on the trip since they sent it too me.  I am so totally sold on the 4 wheel action it is crazy.  I could not believe the physical stress that was removed by 2 extra wheels.  The bag literally glided with a push.  My three buddies loved the view!

The American Tourister luggage was a gift and I was not required to post about it,
however I love it and wanted to share!

My bag safely secured in the overhead, we took off for Orlando.  One travel tip I would like to pass along for those of you who fly SWA: book your departing and returning flights on two separate tickets and check back frequently for lower fairs and better flight schedules.  I was able to change my departure from a 2 leg flight to a direct flight that left an hour later in the morning and arrive an hour earlier into Orlando all for $4 extra.  Huge score in my book.

Touching down in Orlando.  I loved watching our shadow get bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

How many of you consider the monorail ride at the airport the first ride at Disney?  Anything that gets me closer to WDW makes me happy!

My sister and her kids were accompanying me on this amazing adventure.  They arrived at the airport 45 before I did and were already sending me airport photos while I was still in the air.  They were thrilled to see me and my happy band of stowaways. 

How many of you take the following Orlando airport shots each and every trip you take to WDW?  I even did it on my solo trips this year! I guess you could call them our "we're back" shots!

This was the first visit to WDW during which my niece and nephew were getting to stay on property! They have some very generous grandparents who take care of all of us when we visit the world.  Our usually digs are at Bonnet Creek...luxury close at hand!  So this was their first trip on the Magical Express.  They were trilled to say the least and giddy at the thought that their luggage would magically appear in their room!

So off we went to discover what Disney Social Media Moms had to offer.  We had an idea of what was in store, but we were also prepared to be blown away!

I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort May 9-12, 2013.  The conference fee permitted me access to special events and experiences made available to conference attendees and their families.  I am voluntarily writing about these events and experiences.  These are my own thoughts, opinions and photographs unless otherwise stated.


  1. EEEEEEE!! I cannot wait to read more!!

    1. This experience was as jam packed as it possibly could be. They had so much to share and we loved every moment! It may take me weeks to write up all the amazing stories! :)


    I seriously can't wait to read all of your updates about your conference!

  3. Erin, I adore your posts. You were the first blogger I ever started following. I think you are awesome and cannot wait for more Disney information from you. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award. There's information about it on my blog.

    Keep on posting!

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