Sunday, February 17, 2013

WDW Half Marathon - Donald '13

Here we go! 

The Donald Half! 

The first leg of the Goofy Challenge! 

Let's get this show on the road! 

I made my Alice in Wonderland inspired runner friendly costume for this race.  I don't think I will ever do an apron again.  Functionally it did not impact my running, but it was a pain for pictures.  When I remembered I felt the need to fix it since it shifted right and left.  I was thrilled Alice recognized my efforts!

There they are folks! The medals hanging at the ready. They are just waiting for us! 
We headed over to the finish line first thing in the morning for a little finish line inspiration!
The added plus of making this your first stop race morning are the clean finish line porta-potties!
(with Jen P.)
Check out my dry hair! It did not last long.  

Morning meet up
Morning meet up 
The line to meet characters near the stage.

DJ doing his thing! Interestingly enough people were not dancing or warming up. 
Originally I was up into corral B, but I showed a lower 1/2 time at runner relations at the expo
and was switched to the A corral for the half and the full!

Crowd moving toward the start area

National Anthem time

Goofy, Mickey and Donald getting their groove on in their track suits.

With Donald's count down were are off!

Fireworks and all!

Those darn Pirates!

Caution! Speed Bumps Ahead!

Huge banners out on the road

Chip and Dale near the speedway

Oh my...the flood lights!

At the Transportation Center right before the real bathrooms!

I love running under this arch! This is my "we are almost there" moment!

Turning left after the Contemporary and about to head into MK!

Let's do this...MAIN STREET!



Don't be afraid to make up your own photo spots! Just grab a WDW staff member or spectator in the area and ask them if they can take your picture. (They always say yes, but you must have your own camera/phone.)

The New Fantasyland
(These two did not bring their own camera!)

WDW staff is so good about taking your picture anywhere you want!

At the Castle before running through!
I could not resist stopping in the castle to take a picture!

Get someone, anyone, in the ChEAR Zone to take your picture.
The distance and perspective are so much better than the official photos.

Marcia in the ChEAR Zone
(I had 2 different people take my picture to make sure I got a good one.  They were about 20 feet apart, left/right)

WDW staff shot this one I got over the bridge to the left of the castle. There is a reason it is a Kodak spot.

Across from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments


backstage about to leave MK

Lovely day for a photo! near Grand Floridian

Tweet and run with runDisney!

Golf course surfing!

banners in the daylight

Are you ready for the interstate ramp?

run that ramp soldiers

EPCOT is calling! Follow that monorail...wait it is going from Epcot to Transportation Center...follow that track!

Yes is hot!



almost there! Last bit of park fun!
I should have raised my arm!

Final stretch...and I forgot to take any more pictures! 
But don't worry I did cross the finish line! The volunteers are all so great!

First leg of Goofy done!

Look Mommy! I've got bling!

Very official in the blue jacket!
You ladies did a fantastic job! Thanks for all the post race goodies!

More bling shots with run buddies!

With my brother-in-law! Great job Andrew! 

My post race photo with Chip and Dale near the DJ.

Mickey Ears welcome/goodbye arch. 
Next up the WDW Marathon! Mickey and Goofy bling would be mine!

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