Sunday, February 3, 2013

WDW Marathon Expo 2013

Day 1 Expo

The WDW Marathon weekend expo was held Thursday through Saturday.  I am a firm believer in go go early and more than once.  So I was among the 100 or so runDisney fans at ESPN waiting for the expo to open on Thursday morning!  My buddies in #CorralG were meeting up at the expo early as well so the meeting and greeting started early marathon weekend!

Jen, Marcia and me!
We would repeat this grouping Friday morning at the WDW Marathon Meet-Up!

We weren't the only ones there early...Bob Hitchcock (runDisney PR) was out checking on his event.
It was a great way to start the weekend.
I got a chance to run with him at #DisneyRunFest2012 in July, but had not seen him since then.
 There were two lines forming before the expo opened. One to get race bibs and one to get into the merchandise expo. We were waiting in the bib line, but I took a chance to peek into the merchandise floor! Look at all those vendors with all that amazing running gear! I also was able to sign up for run tracker while I waited for the official opening.

The official runDisney merchandise booth was actually in both  buildings, but I preferred the booth near the the bibs.

New Balance 860v3 - runDisney edition

The New Balance booth was interestingly not as mobbed as I thought it would be! The New Balance announcement had been made, but no one had actually seen the shoes yet! That was about to change!

Over at the speakers seminars Jeff Galloway was taking race fuels.
I stopped to have a listed and asked him about my fuels of choice.
He basically said if it works for me stick with it.
 Day 2 Expo

After the WDW Marathon Meet Up we headed back to the expo and who should we find outside but Dennis Marsico - Mr. runDisneyTV!

Marcia, me and Dennis
 Pop Quiz 1: Who makes the runDisney world go round? Volunteers!

Hi ladies! Doing a great job!
Pop Quiz 2: What do you do if you have a race PR between you registered and race weekend? Bring your proof of time to the race expo and change corrals! Corral B to corral A just like that! All I did was show the official race results on my iPhone. I literally pulled it up while I was in line and made the change.  I wasn't planning on changing corrals but could not resist the possibility of corral A!

Corral A for the Goofy Challenge!

Throughout the whole weekend I kept running into  social media buddies!
On Friday I picked up 2 new pairs of New Balance shoes! These are my new 890 neutral runners.

And then of course the shoes that everyone wanted at WDW Marathon Weekend: the New Balance runDisney shoes! The fact that they went with my outfit was perfect! I have worn them many times since getting them, but not for running.  I am a neutral runner and they are a stability shoe. So they are just for fun...kind of like runDisney! The 890s above are neutral shoes and I have had them out running several times already!

New Balance 860v3 - runDisney edition

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