Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It was a dark and foggy night for a run...

Narragansett Bay was no longer visible. The street lamps cast an eerie light over the streets, cars and dark sidewalks.  I set my watch to track my every movement in the time/space continuum and set out on foot.  

There were plenty of others out there plodding along at their own pace.  None of them as visible as myself in my safety suspenders.  As I quietly passed people coming and going I could tell they questioned the only noise I was making...a simple sloshing bottle.  They always stepped an extra foot to the side giving me clear passage.  

I know not what the drivers were thinking, but can only guess...Look at that streak! You can turn it any which way around and still see its reflective stripes as it runs down the road.  Sometimes I fancy myself the disco ball of runners.  You better believe I dream about striking a pose every time a car shines its headlights my way!  "Disco, disco duck, I want to be a disco duck!" (Sung by Donald Duck to the tune of "Macho Man".)  That is the song of my childhood!  If we could only get the runDisney race DJ to play that before the Donald Half Marathon Weekend! 

As I finished my run on an uphill (Why does it always end on an up hill? Simple answer: Because it starts on a downhill!) I reflected on my run which started at 6:30 (6.5 hour), which lasted 6.5 miles, at 65 degrees and I wondered if it had all been a coincidence and if there were any other 65's in my day.  In the end I am left with the same feeling as always...dundundun...I am tired and I want to go to sleep. 

The only question left to ask is "Was it worth it?" And of course the answer will always be yes!  My tired is a relaxed kind of tired.  My sweat is a healthy kind of sweat (note: I did take a shower and I am not currently sweaty).  And if I have only inspired and made a few people smile then it was all worth it, it was really all worth it!  Now go to bed, or running, or whatever it is that you really need to do at this given moment! Cheers!

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