Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amica Marathon Weekend - Newport RI

What a crazy, insane, amazing weekend! I have been working toward this weekend in oh so many ways. In ways that I was well aware of...running longer and longer runs...and in ways that I was not so aware of...applying for the runDisney Specialist of the Disney Moms Panel.

Round 2 for the Moms Panel was announced on Friday and applications were do again on Monday! Along the way I had to work an extra 4 hour shift at work, hit the race expo, have a wonderful dinner to celebrate completing the United Healthcare Triple Crown of running and actually run a marathon, all before finishing and submitting my application.

I hope the Disney folks can see the true me in my application and that they will pass me on to the round 3 phone interview.  I would be over the moon to be chosen as the next runDisney specialist!

It took me a while, but I also remembered that Sunday was the 21st anniversary of the first time I kissed my husband! Three special moments that all happened on October 14th!  We were at college together and it was the long fall weekend.  I don't want to share all the magic, but it was a kiss to last a lifetime and to be repeated for an eternity!  I love you!

So let's see what it all looked like in pictures!

These folks were in the road on my way to work Saturday morning!

My very first Pinkberry ever (mine is on the left)! Carb loading for the race!

Race expo ready to run!

Newport bridge - at night (hehe)

United Health Care Triple Crown pasta dinner - free to triple crown runners like me!
I got a second plate of pasta!

Goodnight Newport

Good Morning Newport & race traffic

Some of the full marathon buses were going to the half marathon lot = not enough full buses!
I made it to the race site with 30 min to race.
I had just enough time for the bathroom and gear check!

It was too windy for the start line arch. So the start was somewhere up there!

There were more folks behind me.
It was spitting so all my photos are a little soft.

Linda ran as an Amica insurance agent! Amazing eh?


Yes...I had to show off the shirt!

I decided to take photos of the mile markers.
I was Tweeting and using Instagram throughout the race!

Yes...that is my bib with me behind it!
Kind of creative...you try shooting photos with your iPhone while running...no really...try it!

mile 10

Near Marble House.
1st shot I put up on Instagram.
It gives you a geo-locator and tells you what you are near which is really cool in a race.

Cliff Walk behind me is Easton's Beach and the finish of the Half Marathon.
It is where my race really begins.  I had to run past the finish line and keep going another 13.1!

Sachuest Beach - Surfer's End - Mile 15

Angry Ocean - Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge -
Just after passing  16.5 miles when the blister on my right little toe burst in a most painful way and I realized I had no Idea where the closest medical station was.  It calmed down within a couple hundred yards and I was fine to the finish.

Greenvale Vineyards - mile 20 - I guess they ran out of clock stands!

Atlantic Beach Club - I finished 4:26 & a PR by 14 minutes - I am learning!  
The wind at this marathon was insane it felt like sustained winds of 25 miles with gusts to 35.  I could be off, but were were exposed to the full force of the ocean for long stretches and out in the dunes for miles.  We were literally being sandblasted.  There were stretches where I was running with my eyes closed!

I ran a steady race for the most part and felt like I had it under control for 24 miles.  The second to last mile took just about all I had left and the final mile was all mental.  I had given it so much and I just needed to finish it.  I might never beat this PR so I needed it to be as good as it was going to be!  So you could say I did the final 2 for the prior 24!

Running a marathon really is a crazy thing.  I would be happy if I could run every other day for an hour for the rest of my life.  That would keep me feeling good about my self and healthy.  But I also enjoy running longer distances, both by myself and in race situations.

I spent the first half of the marathon encouraging other runners.  Runners who were trying to get to the finish of the half.  I was trying to run that first 13 within myself.  Not pushing too hard.  Trying not to exhaust myself too early.  Then I had to drop them all off at their finish line and carry on to mine.  Newport is the tale of two races: the shared first 13.1 miles where everyone is together and the second 13.1 where the warriors carry on the battle!  This year that battle was with the wind, the sand and ourselves!

After the race I grabbed my marathon medal and my triple crown medal.  Downed a half cup of chicken noodle soup, boarded the bus back to my van, drove myself the 1 hour home, showered, got a massage from my husband, rested for an hour, wrote 5 essays for the runDisney specialists position on the Moms Panel, shot a 60 second video and submitted my application.  I know a Disney production crew can do worlds better with the video shoot so hopefully I will get that shot.

I a firm believer that one of the best things the Disney Corporation is doing for its fans is getting them moving with the power of runDisney motivation.  There are so many people out there doing runDisney that would have never started running with out the Disney motivation.  Sure Disney makes money off their running fans, but they also give back through amazing experiences, entertainment and better health!  I love being able to help other runners.  There is so much to learn, love and savor about an active lifestyle and the more of us that can benefit the better!  Thanks for following me folks and supporting me along the way.  I really hope and pray that Moms Panel works out and I get to share my love of runDisney with even more runners, run/walkers and soon-to-be runners!


  1. Did you go into the porta potty at Mile 15? It was the nastiest thing I had ever seen in my life. I cried at the finish line...my first marathon. Not sure I'm up for another except Disney of course! I hope you get on the Moms Panel...that would be awesome! I couldn't apply this year - our trip was just over a year after the previous one.

    1. Shannon, I was lucky that my "real" restroom stop before the race got me through the race. No porta potty all day! I know I was dehydrated after the effort, because I did not go again until 26.2 miles later after I was already back at my house. My system functioned amazingly. Only issue was one blown blister. I consider myself incredibly lucky! The runDisney Moms Panel spot is my dream and boy do I want to live it! It is all up to Disney at this point. We should hear in early November! I now have 10 days until I fly to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon!

  2. Congratulations on the PR, 14 minutes is amazing (especially while tweeting and instagraming!). I'd love to shoot for a marathon PR (I've only done 1 so far), but my next one is Goofy so I'm sure that's not going to happen!

    Good luck with Marine Corps - it's definitely one of my bucket list races!

    1. Danielle, This was my second full. I learned quite a bit during my first back in May and I have been working on it since then. I really got my fueling and pacing down much better the second time. Those 2 things added up to 14 minutes! My Dopey will be as long as I can stay out on the course having a great time. No PRs for me either! Photos galore!

  3. I ran the half (last year also) and, while I love the course, I think they need to make some serious changes next year. I don't think that they were prepared for the # of runners (and spectators).

    Good luck!

    1. There were a few narrow sections where we all could have done with a few less parked cars! I was also surprised with how crowded it was all the way through 13.1 until the half runners finished. Even out on the full course there was still a decent number of people which was nice. At least I didn't get lonely out there. There was another woman wearing a pink shirt close to me. We kept encouraging each other and we passes and re-passed each other. We much have changed positions at least 6 times. People were encouraging each other all around the course! It was really great!