Monday, October 1, 2012

Clif Bar bonus boxes!

Over the past 2 weeks I have received some Clif Bar love in the mail. I did not know that either of the boxes were headed my way! The first box arrived as a result of registering for a Clif pace group at Marine Corps Marathon. The box is also sponsored by Saucony. They included a 25% off your next order coupon in the box!

As if that was not enough a second box arrived! But this one was not just a cardboard box, it contained a metal Eco Lunchbox packed with Clif products!

Happy packaging! 

Those are some great nutritional facts!

Shiny box & totally reusable!

First level of yum!

Second level of yum!

Third level of yum!
Thanks Clif for shipping me two boxes of yummyness! The Eco Lunchbox came with a little note thanking me for stopping by their booth at the expo...which expo I am not quite sure, but I do love a good Clif/Luna sample at an expo!


  1. I signed up to be in one of their pace groups for the WDW marathon, wonder if I'll get one of these fun boxes!!!

    1. I did not know they were doing pace groups at WDW Marathon! I have been passed by the pace groups at Princess before. I stop at all of the character stops so a pace group just would not work for me at Disney. I will let you know how it works out at Marine Corps Marathon later this month!

  2. What a terrific surprise in your mailbox! Enjoy all those wonderful treats! I love Clif products too, and actually have them in my golf bag as well as for running.

  3. It will be my first marathon, so I'm hoping it works welll for me!! Can't wait to hear howit goes!!