Sunday, September 16, 2012

CVS Caremark Downtown 5k - Providence, RI

Here are my finishing state: 
Final time 24:13, 
pace 7:48, 
17th in my division, 
118th woman to finish out of 2354, 
1st place Minnie Mouse! 
The women beat the men 2354 to 2084!  It was close, but we still edged them out!

I picked up the ears and gloves last night at Target.  The set was only $12! They also have a Mickey set, but there is no way most guys would be able to wear the gloves. I also had my Minnie Mouse earrings on!

Minnie Mouse was a city mouse today.  
The race started right in front of the CVS store!

Start line! It was a red kind of day! 

Minnie Mouse lined up right in front of the DSW store! 
We know how much she loves her shoes!

Look at all the runners in front of me.  
The corral was divided based on predicted finish times.  
I lined up around the 24 minute range.  
I have never been at a race that was laid out based on finish time rather than pace.  

The runners when off to the left back near that yellow tent and up the hill.  The corral markers started at 15 minute and went every 5 minutes up until they reached walkers.  There were about 4400 finishers.  They announced that the race had raised 1.2 million dollars for local children's charities!  What an amazing event!

After the race one of my Facebook buddies found me!  
The ears kind of gave me away!  
It was great to meet you Shawn!  He is actually wearing a runDisney hat!

After the 5k finished the high school team 3k race lined up.  
They were very excited!  The costumes were amazing.  
They had brought all kinds of entertainment with them into the corral.  
There were beach balls, silly string, and yes that is a whale breaching! 

I wonder how far the palm trees made it down the course!  I also heard a Dorthy saying that her Wizard of Oz costume really did not breath!  Test run your costume!  There were about 20 girls all dressed in pink with tiaras as Miss USA.  I so wanted their picture, but could not get it.  These kids are one step away from runDisney racing!

It was a great race with great friends!  I still feel a little cooked from the sun and wind, but it was all worth it. (I did have sun screen on.)

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