Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seven Seas Lagoon Run at #DisneySMMoms Celebration

On Mother's Day I was up early to meet whoever wanted to run one final time at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I had an idea of who was coming based on Tweets and FB posts from the night before and yes...early that morning. I headed to the Contemporary lobby at 6:15 to meet up with everyone at 6:30.  We were going to run to the Grand Floridian and back around the Seven Seas Lagoon!  It is one of my favorite runs on property because of the amazing views across the lagoon.

Good Morning Contemporary! It is like waking up to the circus waiting to come to life! 

I love the scale on this picture! I look like Tinker Bell in a very small lobby.  I was wore my safety vest and light up Tinker Bell wings for our early morning run.  I thought we might make it out before the sun.  That was not the case, but it is always good to take safety seriously!

runDisney had invited Ali Vincent to the DSMMoms Celebration 
and she joined us at many events throughout the weekend including our morning run!  
She is a truly amazing individual.  
Her secret to success is that she is real.  
She is one of the most comfortable people to be around.  
She really puts herself out there to have fun and help others while trying not to forget herself.  
If you ever get a chance to do anything with it!

Here is our running crew ready to set out! I love all of our Princess colors!  On the right is Nicole Brady with her husband and two amazing daughters.  Kia Smith is sporting the Minnie ears.  Andrea Howell from FB Once Upon a Run is in the blue tank.  Ali's camera run buddy is on the left.

We left the Contemporary and headed toward the Ticket and Transportation Center.  
Everyone familiar with runDisney's course to Magic Kingdom should recognize this dip in the road.  
Picture huge Mickey hands clapping and spinning the hits up on the overpass.

There was a lot of chatting, encouragement, and yes picture taking along the way!

Heading through the Ticket and Transportation Center.
There were just a few other folks around...which held true for the entire run.

Over to the Polynesian! What a happy crew! I felt like Tinker bell in a garden.

The girls were amazing! 
They were up for anything...including pictures! 
I know they had an amazing trip all around!

Our first view check.  The Contemporary is all the way across the Lagoon! 

Ali pointing out where we started!

The Polynesia is such a beautiful resort.  
Some day I hope to be so lucky as to stay at the resort.

You can't pass up a trip to the chapel when running around the lagoon.


Ali knew exactly what to do with the rings!

The half way point in our run.  We ran/walked our way up to this point.  
We had quite the mix of running abilities 
and were not going to drop anyone on the way to the Grand Floridian.  

On the way back we ran...

...and took some photos...

...and ran...

...and made it back to the Contemporary!

A parting shot of Belle, Aurora and Cinderella before cleaning up for Mother's Day brunch.

I can not wait to get back to Disney and hit the running paths again.  
I can't wait to meet even more of you this coming week at #DisneyRunFest '13!  
We will have to see where our runs take us!  I am looking forward to seeing some new sights.  

What are your favorite runs on property?


  1. Looks awesome - totally wish I would have know about it!! ;)

    1. It was designed to be a small group run Shannon, but I was tweeting about it that weekend. That is how Andrea was able to join us.

      You know about #DisneyRunFest '13 right Shannon? Check the post before this one. We are going to have some fun on the run, and at the movies and bowling alley as well! All are invited!

  2. I totally sucked at this run, by the way! LOL! (Don't tell Ali I said that!)