Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Running - Spinning - Running

Well this afternoon I was tired.  I did not know if I could muster a run or spin class.  Well once I got home I was feeling better and I decided to go for both.  So I loaded up a bag with my spin stuff and threw on my running gear.  (If I repeat the pattern again I will try a different bag.)  I set off to the Y and arrived 35 minutes later.  I had a quick change and was onto the bike.  The class was the standard hour.  Then I was back into my running clothes for a slightly modified route home.  It was a little cold when I started my return, but I warmed up quickly.    The round trip ended up being 6.5 miles with a 6 pound bag on my back.  The bag slowed me down a bit.  I slightly altered my stride to accommodate the weight.  I think it all worked out well and I might do it again, if I have the energy.

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