Friday, November 4, 2011

Last night running in the light!

So early Sunday morning we fall back.  We loose an hour of light at night :(.  Not my favorite thing.  So tonight I took the camera with me on my evening run to say good night to the light and capture a little of fall in southern New England.  Once the light was gone I turned on my flashing glow stick and kept on running.  After an hour the stick shuts off and must be restarted.  It is a little reminder of just how much effort you have already put in. come the photos.  I hope you enjoy at little bit of fall running.

Check out her running skirt!

I love this red door!
I love that there was still a little Halloween out there.

I picked up this reflective hat at the Amica Half Marathon race expo in Newport for $10.

My jacket was on, the off, then on again as the temperatures fell and the wind increased.

This sign is about 8 feet high.  I think it grew UP with the tree.

Old trolley shelter 

On the inside looking out.

Rock wall along the cemetery edge. 

More Halloween decorations sticking around just for me!  I love holiday lights. 

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