Kids Mile - Princess Weekend 2011

The Kids mile took place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at 11 am on Saturday.  We had started our morning with the Beauty and the Beast 5K.  My eldest daughter and I ran the early morning race before going back to the resort to gather the rest of the family.  We all then headed over to ESPN to check out the Disney Princess Expo.  We were there for the Saturday opening celebration, streamers, footmen, and the Fairy Godmother!  One lap around the expo floor, a few more Disney race t-shirts and we were off to find the 1 mile start line.
Every Princess needs a little fairy dust before they run the kids mile!
She designed her consume to be a running version of Tiana's dress.
Your's truly made the dress.

This was her fairy costume from the Not-so-scary-Halloween Party 2009.
It worked great as a running dress.
You can never have too much shine and fairies in your runDisney costume.

We had to hunt a little, but we found the start line before Goofy came out to warm the kids up.  Even though my eldest had already done the 5K she was off like a shot.  She did fantastic and I did not see any of it.  I was running with my younger daughter, talking her through the race.  She also did amazingly well.  We stopped to walk once or twice, but she made it around the course and was proud of herself when she finished.  Both of the girls out sprinted me that morning.  I think that is as it should be.  It gives them bragging rights and is great for the self-esteem.  They know that mommy does 1/2 marathons, but they can still outrun me at the end.  

I would encourage runners to run with their kids in the kids races and the 5Ks.  It really does not matter how fast they go.  Always stay positive and give them the encouragement they deserve.  I have witnessed some very negative behavior from parents who think their kids could and should be doing better.  This is not the way to encourage kids to enjoy running.  If they don't want to do the races, forcing them to do them is not the right approach either.  runDisney events should make running fun.  Stay positive and celebrate running together!