Beauty and the Beast 5K - 2011

All of my Run Disney races have been family based.  The girls have always run with me over the course of the weekend.  We had not originally signed up for the Beauty & the Beast family 5K Feb. 2011, but as the trip approached we decided we would run it.  We were going down to WDW for a full week of fun before the race weekend.  It was the girls winter break so we had a full week of fun planned.  I was thinking that I was going to try and run 30 minutes every morning to keep my running legs under me despite long days in the parks. My rational went that if I was going to run 30 minutes each day anyway, why not run in the 5K.  You might be thinking, wasn't she going to take the day off before the 1/2 marathon?  Well really I had not thought about that.  All I was thinking was if I was going to be there anyway, why not go after a little more bling with my eldest.  Here she is at way to early in the morning...  She is wearing her custom made "I want a Tiana running dress" costume.  She designed it and I made it.

Here we both are at the start line.  I was about 10 lbs down at that point and feeling pretty great.  I have since lost even more and am feeling even better.  Running with Run Disney goals in mind is the best weight loss routine I have ever had.

My costume was a nod to Cinderella.  I did not even notice the headband or the choker.  It was the first time I had ever run in costume.  By the time we were preparing to cross the start line the sun was just coming up.

I had decided to carry my camera, even though I was not quite prepared for all of the amazing photos that were to come.  I don' t think I even knew there would be characters on the course.  Here my running partner is coming around the outer parking at Epcot.

We came into the park through one of the back staff entrances and found ourselves rounding the countries.  Look at that kid go.  She has the legs for it, not to mention a great running dress.

She was also willing to take direction and jump into photo shots at my request.

And then the characters started.  Disney staff was on hand to photograph us with the characters using my camera.  We all look so happy!

The photo stops gave her a break and were just the distraction she needed to make it all 5K's.

There weren't even lines for the characters.  They were just kind of standing there waiting for someone to notice them.  We embraced the concept once we caught on.

This photo with the monorail line and Spaceship Earth is one of my favorites from the run.  The early morning sun on her face looks so soft.

Before we knew it the race was over and we had our medals around our necks.  She almost looks like she also got a princess tiara.  The tree top is perfectly crowning her head.

We took a few post race pictures before heading back to the resort to get ready to head to MK.

Behind every runner is the race crew.  Dad/Gramps is our race crew.  He got us to the race, warmed up with us, enjoyed the start line coffee, and was there to cheer us on as we finished.  Thanks Dad!

The final photo of the race was a celebration shot with our race hosts.  They were popular and the line was long.  We got in the line before they even came out to meet their guests.  It really paid off.  After they arrive the line got even longer.

So will I do the 5K again the day before the 1/2 marathon?  Definitely!  I just won't go to a park between the races.  I almost forgot...after the 5K we gathered the rest of our crew and headed to Wide World of Sports for the girls 1 mile kids race.  My eldest was able to say that she had already run the 5K when they ask if any of the kids had done so and boy was she proud of it!  And yes I ran the 1 miles with my youngest.  I love running with my kids at whatever pace they set.  They both out sprinted me at the end of the 5K and 1 mile.  I was more than willing to let them have their moment in the sun!