Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cinderella full of courage and kindness

Have courage, be kind, and curtsy more often! Saying thank you is all too often forgotten. Simple gestures full of meaning! 
~ My Cinderella adaptation

The movie itself is nothing shy of spectacular! I suspect I will be dancing through life humming for quite some time! If you should run into me and find me to be still in this state, please by all means join me! If you need a little nudging of your own to achieve this grand condition...please do go see the movie! We can curtsy to one another and go about life with courage and kindness in our hearts! 

When meeting a princess is real life do be gracious! They must be full of courage and kindness to greet so many runDisney runner! As quickly as we try to make the character lines move, I do always try and remember to say thank you! Our race effort is surpassed by their patience! 

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