Thursday, February 19, 2015

Princess5k code name Frozen5k

Although the hash tag for this event is #Princess5k we are all well aware that it is really a Frozen5k in oh so many ways! 

Elsa has cast a freeze warning across the region in honor of her race and layers will be the dress code for the morning! 

"@runDisney: Attention #Princess5K runners! Please read the following message regarding the weather conditions during your race."

I picked up my bib this morning! What are those sisters up to? The #princess5k bib is so cute! I bet they have quite the race planned for us in the morning! 

We are getting ready for the #princess5k in our car! We decided bringing our shelter with us was a good idea on a #frozen5k morning! 36 degrees and falling to 30! Oh Elsa did you have to take your race to this extreme! #rundisney @rundisney #rDRoyalty