Thursday, March 6, 2014


Are you Disney Fit? This is your all around challenge at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex! We are not talking Trivial Pursuit here. This is full on CrossFit competition!

"ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex hosts over 350 events each year, and since 1997, we've seen athletes compete in more than 70 different sports. But never in our 17-year history have we hosted a competitive fitness event. That is about to change.

Today, we are excited to announce the Disney Fit Challenge, a three-day event hosted at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World® Resort, September 26-28, that will test speed, strength, skill, endurance, balance and power. Competition schedules will leverage I AM CrossFit workouts, designed to test the fitness and skill of our competitors. I AM Crossfit is one of the leading competitive fitness organizations in the Southeast. 
Disney Fit Challenge With I AM CrossFit Workouts
COMPETITION: AGE & SKILL DIVISIONSUnique to the Disney Fit Challenge, competition will be designed so you may test yourself against other athletes with similar abilities. Divisions will be split by age groups and skill levels. Likewise, challenges will be designed to match your abilities, whether you are an elite athlete who is experienced in competitive fitness, or just beginnig your journey. For example, experienced athletes may be required to perform muscle-ups and double-unders, while recreational participants will compete in movements like box jumps, kettle bell swings, push-ups, squats and broad jumps.

Across all divisions, athletes will compete in the first two days of competition. Athletes with the highest scores will then advance to the Finals on the last day of competition. 

Spectators are encouraged to attend and support their athletes. And all athletes and spectators will be invited to join us at the Health & Fitness Expo, featuring the latest fitness products, event merchandise and apparel.
Registration for the Inaugural Disney Fit Challenge opens at Noon on Tuesday, March 18. Event details and registration information will be available approximately one week before registration opens. Share the announcement on Facebook and Twitter with the links below, and get ready test your fitness at the Inaugural Disney Fit Challenge!"


  1. This is cool! I'm not into crossfit but will be passing this along to my friends who are!

    1. It is a whole new partnership with Disney Sports! I am interested to see how it goes! So many people have begun running because of their love of all things Disney. I wonder if this will have the same impact. My immediate reaction is to think that it will actually bring more non-Disney people to Disney. Rather than bringing more Disney people to CrossFit.

  2. There goes more of my money *sigh*

    1. Have fun out there Jenn! Are you registering right when it opens?