Monday, October 14, 2013

Peeking behind the curtain... #DisneyMP

Disney is like Oz the Great and Powerful,

If you peek behind the curtain,

You may find the answer that you seek,

Or you may find the answer is incomplete.


The back story...the short version: There are who knows how many Disney loving moms and dads waiting to see if this is the year they make it to round two of the Disney Parks Moms Panel search for new panelists.  Historically Columbus weekend is when the round two emails are distributed and the lucky group that receives them replies hoping to make it to round three.  This morning the link to the recruiting site was circulated by applicants via social media with a simple message: go look and see if you made it to round two.  For several hours applicants accessed the site and posted if they were in or out.  No official emails were ever sent regarding the panel. There were a happy few that indeed accessed the congratulations page, however there were far too many who were not able to access the site (permission not granted).  Long story short, Disney is not finished linking all the congratulation pages to all of the appropriate applicants.  Net result: Disney took the link down and will continue to work on it this week, pending all final round two decisions.

runDisney has taught me many things over the years.  One is that sometimes it is better to wait for the official information.  There are plenty of tech savvy folks out there who will find a way to get at the answer they desire, and there is certainly a time and a place for such information sleuthing.  However, when there is official information pending I like to be patient.  So I resisted peeking this morning when the frenzy occurred.  I was glad when they took the site down.  It made it easier to resist, but now of course I have to wait until Friday! This is just my feeling on the matter.  

Here are the official tweets that Gary shared from his personal twitter account. "Tweets are my own" his account cautions...of course they are Gary and we are so grateful for them!   

 And finally my tweet to Gary and his reply!

Until Friday everyone...I tip my ears to all of you and return my focus to Wine & Dine!!!

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