Monday, September 9, 2013

runDisney Wine + Dine Half Countdown - the 70s

From Disneyland Half early morning shots to Wine & Dine night shots

79 hopes/dream/wishes on the line, 
79 hopes/dreams/wishes, 
the race starts, we're on our way, 
I wish the runDisney Wine & Dine Half was today!

78 days until our Wine & Dine Half runDisney date, 
78 days til our date, 
I can't wait, it's going to be great, 
running at night is so fun!

77 days until the runDisney Wine & Dine Half, 
77 days away, 
I was able to pick up a charity bib!

76 days until runDisney Wine & Dine Half weekend, 
76 day until fun, 
here's a PSA for race day, 
bring your camera + take lots of pics on the run!

75 Wine & Dine Half runners live on the jumbotron, 
75 excited runners, 
runDisney TV revs up the crowd + fireworks shoot high, 
this race is on!

74 days to go, 74 days to go, 
do you think we will hear the lions roar, 
as we run through Animal Kingdom? 
Wine & Dine Half runDisney

73 days until Wine & Dine Half weekend, 
73 days until runDisney, 
we'll race past the Tree of Life, 
make sure you stop, 
it'll be a great photo op!

72 pairs of New Balance Running shoes, 
72 pairs of shoes, 
check their booth at the Wine & Dine Half expo, 
for new runDisney model news! 
New Balance

71 more days for training runs, 
71 more days to run, 
I can't wait to have fun, 
with all of my Wine & Dine Half buddies on the run! 

70 set of Mickey ears, 
70 sets of ears, 
kids pick them up at the Wine & Dine Half expo, 
and have an amazing kid's race run! 

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