Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For the Runners of the World and the People of Boston

Yesterday the Boston Marathon, runners, spectators, first responders, hospital workers, and general folks were shocked and devastated by an act of terrorism.  Organizing, training, running, supporting, and yes even spectating a marathon are all huge endeavors that are emotionally and physically draining.  It was at that very moment when there was little left in the "reserve tank" for so many that this attack occurred.  Yet all of those present at the finish line, on the course and out in the neighborhoods of Boston came together to help out, care for and begin the healing.  Today runners around the country and undoubtedly around the world are showing there support by wearing race shirts and running.

I wore my Marine Corps Marathon
shirt to work today.
This afternoon I am wearing my
Goofy Challenge shirt on my run.

Post run update:

Tonight I went on a very special run.  I did a lot of thinking about runners and races. I thought about the people I know who ran the Boston Marathon and went on an emotional virtual run of the course.  I put myself in the place of all the runners who have so graciously posted about their experience.  How would I have responded? How would it have impacted me? It was a very emotional run.  I ran long for a week night.  After 10.25 miles I was hungry, thirsty and tired.  Marathons are mentally and physically grueling and to have the day turn out the way this one did was unimaginable and horrific.


  1. Well said. My heart breaks for everyone affected.

    1. Someday I will go to Boston marathon weekend. I might just be going to visit the expo, as a spectator, or to run the 5k. I can't believe I would ever be able to qualify with my work and family schedule. Nor do I ever anticipate raising enough money to run with a charity. The girls are always off school the same week as the marathon. I would just have to take the day off and we could make a day/weekend of it. It could have been this year...

  2. I can't believe it still. Ridiculous! Prayers ascending for everyone involved.

    I want to go to Boston sometime and watch it - really I'd love to qualify but I am a long way from that and not certain I would ever have time to train to qualify. But one is always allowed to dream.