Sunday, December 2, 2012

for the love of Disney running on Facebook

We are racking up the runDisney training e-team miles over on my athlete Facebook page "For the love of Disney running".  I know most of you already have checked it out but we are close to 550 runners and I posted this welcome message for everyone who has joined this fall.  I thought I would share it here for those of you who would like to log miles with us and participate in our friendly competition between the runDisney race weekends!

"I can't believe how many people we are up to here on our @runDisney training e-team!

For all those of you who have joined recently we are a group of recreational athletes (yes I said athletes) who are training to run Disney sometime soon or just dreaming of being able to sometime in the future.

We are tracking our miles according to the race weekend we are registered for or under the Dreaming of runDisney if not already registered.  We have a friendly competition going on between the race weekends!  It does not matter which distance you are running.  5k, 10 miler, half and full marathon runners welcome!  You can either comment daily or weekly with your miles.  Your miles will be added in with your fellow race weekend e-teammates.  I am not tracking individual efforts (that would be an insane amount of work and most of us do that ourselves).

I love adding up the miles, especially when I have miles of my own to add to the total.  We are 3 race weekends in since we started Memorial Day weekend 2012.

If you are running Disney in 2013 or just Dreaming of it join in the fun and log with us.  Our Marathon weekend runners have the most miles so far, but our Princess runners are really amazing me!

Please let me know which races you are running and I will add your training miles to each runDisney weekend.  Run on and make sure you add some fun to your run!"


  1. Hi Erin, Please check out our post today...we nominated you for the liebster blogging award. Enjoy! P and C at

  2. I just found your blog and am excited to follow you. I definitely will add my miles when I add them up. I am going to earn my coast to coast medal in 2013. I am running Tinkerbell Half (One month from today WHOOP WHOOP) and then the Wine and Dine Half next November! I am super excited!