Monday, June 11, 2012

It's a numbers game...or is it?

You hear a lot about PRs or personal records.  The thing is that no two runs are the same and certainly no two races are the same.  There are so many variables that combine to make your run what it is on any given day.  The factors include: weather, course, training, fueling, clothing and rest to list a few.

You really need to cut yourself some slack sometimes.  Heat and humidity can add up to extra minutes by the end of the run that's life.  Make sure you judge yourself within the context of your run.

Never under value what you have done!  Your effort is valuable and the only results that mater in the end are inside of you: inside your muscles, inside your soul, inside your mind.

Do what you love & love what you do - go running!

Saturday morning run in my new MCM 2012 shirt.
It says DETERMINATION across the back.
Nothing like wearing a vote of confidence in yourself across your back!


  1. Like! Such motivation in your post!

    1. Let your power and beauty shine! Have fun on the run! Thanks for the vote of confidence Snartowt!